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Public Library of Mytilene - First Time Clients

First Time Clients

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who can use the Library services?

All residents and visitors to Lesvos, of all ages, have access to the services of the Library. Visiting the Library, being offered a guided tour, and using the reading room is free of charge for all and no membership card is needed.

How can I become a member of the Library? How can I borrow books?

Any person living in Lesvos is eligible to become a member of the Library, free of charge.
To borrow books you have to show your library card, which is strictly personal and cannot be used by another person, except first degree kin.
Borrowings take place during Library opening hours for the public, i.e. Monday-Friday 8:00-14:30 and Saturday 9:00-13:00

How many books and for how long can I borrow them? Can I renew borrowings?

Library members can check out up to two (2) books at a time.
Books may be borrowed for 15 days and borrowing may be renewed for one more week, given that the book(s) borrowed have not been requested by another user. Renewals may be done via the phone, by calling 22510 40134

What can I borrow? Can I borrow anything I want?

Only printed and catalogued material items can be borrowed.
Users cannot borrow:

  • Valuable and rare items
  • Audiovisual material
  • Expensive and luxury publications, as for example albums, encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Local history books for which there are no multiple items
  • Items that have not been catalogued
  • Books published before 1950
  • Worn-out books and books in bad condition
  • Photographic material, manuscripts and maps

Can I place a request for a book to be reserved on hold?

Only if a book has been borrowed can it be reserved. Upon its return to the Library, the member is notified either via the phone or by email from the Library personnel.

What happens if I delay to return, lose or not return an item borrowed?

Members delaying to return the books they have borrowed, are initially notified by phone in order to return them immediately. Borrowing privileges are suspended for members who are repeatedly overdue and have been repeatedly sent overdue notice for checked out books. They are unsubscribed and may not borrow Library items any longer. Members have to replace borrowed books that are declared lost or have been destroyed/worn out, by another item or similar copy.

Is there an online catalog of the Library items? Can I use it from home to search for a book?

Large part of the Central Public Library of Mytilene items is available on the internet via the OPAC of the Library openABEKT. Access to the online catalog is free to all and all users can search for items and be informed about the lending condition of the item they are looking for, without having to visit the Library. Access to the Library catalog is open from any part of the world as long as users have access to the internet.

Is all the material of the Library available on the online catalog?

Not all the Library material is catalogued and available on the OPAC. The Collections fully catalogued are: Local History, the  Literature and Children's books. Cataloguing of the Social Sciences and History items is being continued but has not yet been completed

Is the material of the Library digitized and available on the internet?

One of the long term objectives of the Library is to digitize and highlight all its old and rare items, as well as the local press. By participating in various programs and also through internships, it has so far digitized a large number of its items.

Can readers use Library computers? Is the use of computers free of charge?

The Library reading room has seven (7) computers available for the public. All computers have free access to the internet and their use is free of charge. Children should be accompanied by a parent or their teachers, if they are visiting as a school class, to be able to use the computers.

Does the Library provide computers for people with disabilities?

The Library reading room has three (3) computers available for people with disabilities: one for people with impaired vision and two for people with physical disabilities.

Can readers make photocopies or printouts?

Readers are allowed to photocopy a limited number of pages - and not the whole book - from the items not borrowed. Those interested can ask the library personnel to assist them with the use and operation of the photocopier but are exclusively responsible for the number of pages photocopied. Readers may also make printouts from all the computers in the reading room. However, for both photocopies and printouts, there is a fee.

What kind of items does the Central Public Library of Mytilene collect?

The Central Public Library of Mytilene has more than 110.000 items of printed and audiovisual material. These include rare and valuable publications, dating from the 16th century to this day. The aim of the Library is to collect and preserve publications related either to the island of Lesvos or the Asia Minor coast before 1922. Moreover, there is special interest in the Local Press and there are efforts to cover any gaps for the period before 1960 and in publications of newspapers and periodicals about or issued in Lesvos and Asia Minor. On the other hand, and given that it is a Public Library addressing a diverse public, its enrichment includes items from all sciences and mainly children's books and literature, which are in demand.

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