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Public Library of Mytilene

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Part of the Library Collections has been catalogued and the ultimate goal is to proceed with the retrospective cataloguing of all the items. The items fully catalogued are the Collections of Local History, Local Press, Greek and Foreign Literature, Theatrical books, Children's books and Juvenile books, part of the Vernardakis' Collection, of Poetry and Sociology. Online search in the Library catalogue can be done via the Library's OPAC

Digital Herodotus

"Digital Herodotus" is a pioneering project aiming to preserve and highlight a historical archive from Cyprus and the North Aegean. The project has been implemented in the framework of a European Cross-border Cooperation entitled "Greece - Cyprus, 2007 -2013", and covering the whole territory of Cyprus, Crete and the islands of the North and South Aegean

Central Public Library of Mytilene

With more than 100.000 documents enriching its collections, the Central Public Library of Mytilene is the largest library of Lesvos. Even though it became, public fairly recently, in 1952, it has already since the beginning of the 20th century and the initial efforts to found it, been gathering, keeping, maintaining, promoting and making documents of unique value, mainly about the island of Lesvos and also about the Aeolian land on the other side of the Aegean up to 1922, accessible to the public. The Library in cooperation with the local society of Lesvos, the University of the Aegean and the educational community of the island, aspires to make the local history and rich cultural heritage of the island, accessible and open for study to all the residents, at the same time operating as a local information centre.

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