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Public Library of Mytilene - Newspaper and Magazines

Newspaper and Magazines


The complete series of the contemporary Local Press from 1962 to this day, is of major significance both for the local society of the island and researchers. What is more, an archive of the local press and the press of Smyrna (Izmir) from the beginning of the 19th century is also kept at the Library. The collection of the Library also includes unique issues of the first periodicals ever printed in Lesvos and Asia Minor, as for example "Pittakos" and "Sappho", as well as rare and difficult to find newspapers, which enrich the Library collections. One of the long-term objectives of the Library is to collect, digitize and make all the issues of local periodicals from first editions to this day, available to the public.  In our effort to gather and preserve all the issues of lesvian journalism, we would like to ask our friends possessing issues of local newspapers and journals/periodicals published until 1962 to contact the Library.
Responding to the requests made by our friends and taking into account the increased demand for the local press, the Library, has since 2007 begun to digitize and dispose the first newspapers and periodicals published in Lesvos and Asia Minor in digital form.